The Just Rewards Plan

Reward your business with better profits and improved people

Bring people together with a common goal

The Just Rewards method developed by Management Consultants for Contractors is a proven step-by-step incentive compensation process to improve the profits of contractors & construction companies through teamwork, transparency, and shared objectives.

Driven by Teamwork and Team Spirit
  • No longer does the success of the company depend on the shoulders of a few, but of many
  • The sharing of the company’s limited resources is encouraged
  • The “blame game” turns into a “learning organization”
Defined by Measurable Benchmarks
  • Benchmarks focus on what the employees most control or influence
  • Controlling direct and indirect job costs becomes a focus
  • Employees learn how their performance affects the company
  • A goal-oriented environment is created
Directed by Employee Needs
  • Recognition
  • Sense of Achievement
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Peer Acceptance
  • Financial Security
  • Incentive compensation
Directly Affects the Company's Profit
  • Better Productivity
  • More competitive prices in the marketplace
  • Increased financial projections

Plan for success with information and data everyone understands

Why is it that many owners expect their job supervisors to have a plan and to plan ahead when running a project, yet many owners do not have a goal-oriented plan for their business? The Just Rewards method of managing a business will organize it and put it on the path to improved profits, even in today’s tough economic climate. In fact, the Just Rewards method is more important today than ever!

Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Financial statements are formatted to reflect how the company is operating instead of just following GAAP
  • Break-even analysis on a job by job basis
  • Bidding strategies
  • Backlog—the forgotten number
  • Monthly updates for a rolling forecast
Active Job Costing
  • Tracking and projecting field manhours to BEAT the estimated time
  • Controlling direct and indirect job costs becomes a focus
  • Monthly gross margin reviews by Project Managers
  • Monthly Work-in-Process reports (percentage of completion)
Protect the Company's Profitability
  • Protects the company’s profitability
  • Team-based to reinforce team spirit and drive team productivity
  • Driven by what most employees control or influence—direct and indirect job costs
  • Recognizes both team effort and individual personal contributions
  • Is supported by written documents

How can the Just Rewards Plan work for you?

It is a step-by-step process of team goal setting and constantly measuring the progress towards those team goals.

We have all seen those motivational posters with those catchy phrases. Some of the most popular revolve around teamwork—like the one with the rowers in the boat with all the oars going in the same direction. It looks great on the wall, but it diminishes just how difficult it is to get all those rowers synchronized to attain that elusive goal.

Efficient and successful teamwork is the main objective of the Just Rewards management process. But the Just Rewards process doesn’t stop with a pretty picture and catchy slogan, once implemented this organized management approach will IMPROVE the profitability of your company while rewarding contractors, companies, and employees.

We will help you implement the Just Rewards Plan to gain valuable skills that will benefit you and your company forever.

  • Recognize the difference between direct, indirect, and overhead expenses and structure your income statements accordingly.
  • The forecast enables you calculate your break-even recovery rates for indirect and overhead expenses for each bid and for your company during the course of the year.
  • Make your company more competitive through employee incentive compensation to add more value to your company.
  • You will learn how to use the forecast for strategic planning and decision making.
  • Gain confidence and increase your comfort level in delegating responsibilities to key players in your company.
  • Reduce your personal stress by placing the success of the company on your team.