Just Rewards Plan Workshops

Doug Phelps, founder of Management Consultants for Contractors and developer of The Just Rewards Plan, teaches The Just Rewards Plan and its benefits to construction company owners and their management teams. It's the best way to learn the Just Rewards Plan and begin implementing it in a construction or contractor's business.

Our workshops are usually hosted near Myrtle Beach, SC or other destinations. We can also conduct a private workshop for just your company. If you do not see a workshop that is near your or fits in your schedule, please contact us directly to set up a time and place that suits you.

Management consulting to contractors is our only business. Our intimate knowledge of the industry enables us to quickly identify the client’s problems and to provide solutions based on proven experience in the construction industry. We believe that the uniqueness of this industry requires specialists. After all, would you hire an electrician to install a new roof? Of course not. You would seek a specialist–a roofing contractor. We believe contractors deserve the same consideration for management consulting.

Doug Phelps, President

Workshop Schedule

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